Erica Åkerlund

Artist Illustrator Animation director

I am a Finnish illustrator, animation director and artist, based in the UK. So far my main body of work has consisted of commercials for clients such as  Heinz, Nestle, Sony Playstation, Volvo etc as well as editorial illustration for various newspapers and magazines.

Black line drawings are my main passion and I prefer to use colour in a minimalist way. Clients have described my characters as lovable and warm, with all their imperfections.  My illustrated world combines a childish look with grown up humour. 

It is in fact the characters that made me feel like doing other projects aside from the commercial work. They needed releasing. They have been pouring out of my pen onto, walls, clothes, canvases, chairs, toasters, legs, pizza crusts etc. I named my obsessive doodling: Mindlessness. The less thought that goes in, the funnier stuff comes out. 

I am currently working on a 2021 solo exhibition, a collaboration with Always Wear Read and various animation projects.

I am always interested in new  projects, so if you have one in mind, do get in touch! Or just send a warm hello. Or even a cold one. 

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